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Aneurysm Treatment

Aneurysm is an outpouching at the weak part of the wall of blood vessel which in brain may rupture to produce hemorrhage(subarchnoid hemorrhage or SAH and intra-cranial hematoma). It is a surgical emergency to prevent a rebleed. The diagnosis is by cerebral angiography and the best method is DSA done in Neurocathlab. After diagnosis, patient requires Clipping or Coiling of aneurysm. Clipping involves opening the skull and directly attacking the aneurysm through an operating microscope under high magnification. Coiling is the endovascular way of doing the same without opening the skull. Both are successful and have their own merits and demerits. Vasospasm is another complication associated with SAH which can be very dangerous and is treated by medication. I do both the procedures with proficiency and timely intervention results in good outcome. Some representative pictures are attached to show the same.

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