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Skull Base Tumors

Best Brain Tumor Surgeon in Noida and Delhi

Brain tumor surgeries can be performed for both benign and malignant tumors. Earlier, open surgeries were followed using MRI/CT scans, but Dr. Gupta uses Neuro-Navigation to perform real-time intra-operating guidance during the surgery.
Being the Best Brain Tumor Surgeon in Noida and Delhi, Dr. Gupta uses this method to enhance the safety and precision of the surgery. This advanced technology helps him to localize the tumor and limits the size of craniotomy or skull opening.
In Neuro- Navigation Craniotomy, the patient undergoes navigation screening protocol which helps the surgeon plan tumor resection. Once the patient is shifted to the operation theatre, numerous fiducial marks are taped to the scalp and the orientation of these markers is utilized to register the computer carrying the brain image. After completing the registration, the computer can show the relationship between surgical instruments and the imaged brain.
In fact, surgery, in most cases, is the first treatment for brain tumors. With technological advances in early diagnosis, imaging, planning, preoperative anesthetics management, state of the microscopes and surgical equipment, it’s possible to remove brain tumors through surgery with relative safety.
Dr. Rahul Gupta is an experienced and trained neurosurgeon with specialization in Brain Tumor Treatment and surgery. With years of experience working as a neurosurgeon at different hospitals, Dr. Gupta is trained in operating upon many complicated and challenging cases with brain tumor, head injury, cervical spine etc. He has been trained on the latest and best techniques for brain and spine surgeries under some of the best neurosurgeons.
A team of expert neurosurgeons led by the Best Brain Tumor Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Gupta is performing all sorts of brain and spine surgeries with excellent results. So you can request an appointment today.

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