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Osteoporotic Fractures of the Spine

Osteoporotic Fractures of the Spine

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Spinal Fractures can result in a stooped back or change in spinal alignment, acute and chronic debilitating pain, loss of height, immobility, depression, significant performance impairments in physical, functional and psychosocial domain in older patients. It leads to a five fold increase in risk of future spinal fractures after the first fracture and 75 fold increases in risk after two or more spinal fractures. A patient experiences reduced dependence on family and even premature death.

Symptoms of Spinal Fracture:
Early diagnosis and prevention of fractures can help patients avoid these severe consequences. Patients and treating physicians should keep a watch on following symptoms that can be a cause of spinal fracture. These symptoms include height, sudden and severe back pain, an increase in stop in the spine, family history of osteoporosis.
In General, 83% of all spinal fractures are caused osteoporosis. Spinal Fractures in most cases can be effectively treated in early stages provided the patient reaches out for right medical aid on time.

Osteoporosis& Spinal Fracture:
Osteoporosis is disease of bones characterized by decrease in the density of bone and bone mass resulting in fragile and weak bone. The bones become diseases have bony infections- and spine is the most common bone affected.
Although tuberculosis of the lungs is more common, tuberculosis of the spine is equally a cause for concern, having disastrous and often irreversible complications. Nearly two lakh people in India suffer from tuberculosis of the spine. Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of spine tuberculosis in the country in view of irregular medical Management, emergence of resistant strains and low immunity in patients to chemotherapy, steroids or surge in patients of HIV.

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