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Surgery for Pituitary Tumor by Dr. Rahul Gupta

Surgery for Pituitary Tumor by Dr. Rahul Gupta

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Hi, I am Dr. Rahul Gupta. Today, I will tell you something about the Brain Tumor which is located at the skull base. One of them is a Pituitary Tumor which is very common. We treat pituitary Tumor by Surgery in majority of the cases. Some pituitary Tumor which secretes a lot of hormones can be treated by medicines also. But if the tumor grows beyond their fossa they become large then they have to be treated by surgery. Surgery for pituitary Tumor can  be done through nose with help of endoscope or microscope or it can be done through the skull. If we are doing through the skull .We do a craniotomy and open the brain and go up to the skull base & remove the tumor. However, it can be safely removed through the nose with endoscope or microscope without giving any scar to patient. Some neurosurgeons operate alone by themselves, some take help of an ENT surgeon for the initial nose part to reach the Pituitary fossa where the tumor is located and can be safely removed. We share experience of one of  our patients who was operated for Pituitary Tumor through the nose & the patient was up & about in 4 days and was fir to go back to her country Nigeria after 10 days of surgery.

I am from Nigeria and actually it has been a great thing coming to India at Fortis Hospital Noida to meet Dr. Rahul Gupta. It has actually been a great work for me. Because over the year I have suffering .There was sight issues, a lot of pain, sleepless nights, trauma, not been able to read or see phone. Coming here actually brought a lot of changes to me. I feel much better… I actually i can read properly. It has been a very difficult period for me. I can now sleep with out walking up or having restless day. I can walk around & move in the room without chair knocking me down. Because, at a point I was hit by Car & bicycles. I am fine now, I can read now. It was a big trauma because it gave me mental disorderliness, stopped a lot of things. I have really made me good. Now, I think I am fine & OK & can walk on my feet & I can see & I enjoy. Because, If you are living & can’t see it is as good as nothing. Now i can see, I can speak, I can feel. At least I can see you doctor.

I can read my phone. I can read computer. Before I use to walk & struggle everywhere even my colleagues were afraid to bump into me in the corridor. I just did not understand what was going on with me. I was worried about this disorderliness. Now I am fine. So congrats & kudos to Fortis Hospital. I thank God to bring this opportunity on my way. Financially and morally for those who supported me; doctors were there to make sure everything was ok. Even while ever when the surgery was going on. I was struggling to get things done. And i thank God I am fine now & a living Testimony to this experience.

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